Ab Rehab @ Pomegranate

Ab Rehab is a postpartum rehabilitation class designed for women to heal abdominal separations, treat incontinence, strengthen postnatal core weakness and learn invaluable information that every woman should learn after having a baby. Each session is four weeks long, one-hour class per week, and is limited to five women taught by a licensed physical therapist.

The series begins with anatomy education of the postpartum body and hands-on assessments of the present condition of your core and/or separation. Alicia provides hands-on guidance as the exercises begin with foundation work to reconnect the brain to the pelvic floor and deep abdominals. Each week the exercises will progress to include different positions, dynamic movements and use of resistance bands. The final week includes re-assessments of abdominal separations and guidance on how to safely resume your desired exercise routines with the knowledge and strength gained in the class.

This class is appropriate for any mom, with kids of any age.
Weekday sessions include childcare for 1 child.

Additional children in childcare available.

$260 (+$20/each additional child)
Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center (map) (website)

Ab Rehab Graduates

Open to anyone who has taken Ab Rehab and who wants a refresher of the exercises, motivation to keep up with the program, and guidance for how to take the exercises to the next level. The class will include time for questions and answers regarding the specific exercises and how to integrate them into other activities.

$45 for a 90 minute class
Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center (map) (website)

Private Classes

Get a group of 3 or more together and someone to host the class and I can bring a workshop or class to you!

Contact me for more information.